Email Promotion - Conditions
  • Validated email lists supplied in XLS or CSV.
  • Promotional material requested via email within the terms of their current contract.
  • Marketing material formatted in PDF, DOC, XLS or PUB.

Email Promotion - Packages

  • Bronze: Maximum of   2,500 email addresses.
  • Silver: Maximum of   5,000 email addresses.
  • Gold: Maximum of 10,000 email addresses.

Note: Please allow up to 4 weeks for AOI to distribute your promotional material.
Disclaimer: All email lists supplied by the client must conform to the provisions of the Spam Act 2003 (the act) enforced by ACMA.
The client accepts all legal responsibility for the content of the material and any breaches of the Act
including any subsequent action by ACMA. The client releases AOI from any and all liability that may arise.
Content that contains inappropriate language or that AOI considers to be of a discriminative nature will not be distributed by AOI.